Chapter 1: The Tribeca Grand

The Tribeca Grand NYC

Michael sat on his bed in the deluxe double-double room of the Tribeca Grand looking out over New York City. It had been three days since he had left Caitlin behind in Los Angeles to come here while she faced this guy, Djer, alone. Honestly, he didn’t know much but what he did know was enough to make him worry. He knew that Djer and Caitlin shared a strained past and that nearly five thousand years ago Djer had helped raise Caitlin from an infant to a young child. He knew they were both immortals, among many, that could only be killed by decapitation. He knew that there were organizations of immortals where the ones fighting to rule over humans were Black Knights, the ones fighting to protect humans were White Knights, and those that stayed out of the fight and kept track of all information about all immortals were called The Recorders. He also knew that he was what was called a Potential and that meant if he didn’t die of natural causes, that he would become immortal as well. However, he also knew that he and Caitlin were even rarer among immortals because they were what were called Seers. From what Caitlin had told him, a Seer had the gift to “see” into the future by twelve hours only but they could also see into the past and learn everything about someone with one small touch. Seers were considered great assets to have in the fight between the two sects of immortals and both sides wanted them greatly, it’s just the Black Knights were known for using kidnapping and torture to get a Seer on their side while the White Knights would never force allegiance on anyone.


As Michael lingered in his thoughts, he was suddenly no longer in the Tribeca Grand looking out over the city but instead he was in his foster parent’s foyer at five years old begging his foster mother not to leave the house. This was the first time he had experienced his power of “seeing”, or as Caitlin often referred to it, their “gift”.


“Michael… Honey, I’m going to be just fine. You fell asleep and had a bad dream. That’s all…” His foster mother’s voice was soft and kind, which fit her because she was one of the most caring people he ever met.


“No! I ‘saw’ it! I did! I know I did!” His own voice was scared and desperate as he spoke, in complete contrast to the tone she had used with him. As he felt a warm tear run down his cheek, he also felt her wipe it away before kidding his forehead softly. In a surge of emotion he turned from her and ran to his room. He climbed into his bed as he heard her call goodbye to her husband and the other three foster children that lived with them as well. It was the last time any of them saw her and due to his hysterical behavior, he was removed from the home. One of the social workers explained his removal as being “… for the safety of the other children in the home.”


A knock on the hotel room door pulled him from his memories and returned him to the present. It could be one of two people at that door and as he got up to answer it, he ran through his options in his head. If it was Caitlin than they would discuss what they were going to do to meet up with her friend, which was the option he was hoping for. However, if it was Djer than he had his aluminum bat handy and Caitlin had rented joined rooms so that he could disappear through the connecting doors and out into the hotel from the other room.


The second option was something he hoped he didn’t have to try to pull off because he knew there were all kinds of things that could go wrong with it, but it was still the best he had. He finally quit stalling, took his bat out of the corner of the room where it was propped and tightened his grip on the handle as he approached the door to look through the peep hole. He let out a soft sigh of relief as he loosened his grip on the bat handle and opened the door.


“About time you showed up.” Michael’s voice had a harsh tone as it reverberated in Caitlin’s ears a she understood why. He was upset because she hadn’t called to let him know that she was alive, alright and on her way. Even before she knocked on the door she had known this would be his reaction in showing he was worried about her.


“I know… I should’ve called, Michael. I’m sorry…” Her voice was soft and apologetic as she stepped through the door and watched him turn his back on her. She let out a soft sigh, lightly closing the door behind her. She stayed by the door lightly biting her lip as she watched Michael cross the room and sit back down on the bed staring out the window. She felt like he was slightly over reacting and considering that he hadn’t given her his usual hug, or even a second glance for that matter, she was a bit annoyed with him.


She slightly shook her head before walking over to her own bed, dropping her backpack next to it on the floor and then looking back at Michael, who still had his back facing her. She honestly didn’t know what to say to him and between her loss of words and the tension in the air; she was quickly becoming frustrated with the silent barrier between them. Michael held a special place in her heart, like a son that she would never be able to have, and it was only since he had gotten older, learned more about her and what he could be, that this tension had started building all around them and it broke her heart.


“Look… I’m going to go make a couple phone calls. I’ll be back up shortly and then we really need to have a talk.” She spoke as she headed back towards the door and as she stepped out of the room, she bit her lip again and closed the door. She knew she needed to get in touch with a local Recorder that she had been told about in order to have him put her in touch with her old friend, but she didn’t like the timing. She didn’t want to leave Michael alone right now in the emotional state he was in but she really didn’t have a choice. The fact was that they needed to find her friend as quickly and efficiently as possible, which meant getting information as soon as she could because it was their only option. As she walked to the elevator to head to the lobby, she hoped that Michael wouldn’t get any wild ideas of doing anything drastic while she was down stairs.


Michael, meanwhile, waited patiently a few minutes to make sure that Caitlin didn’t change her mind and come back to the room. Once he was sure she was gone, he grabbed his bag he had left packed, threw on his coat and headed to take the elevator down behind her. Sure, it was drastic for him to just take off the moment that she finally showed up, but honestly he felt like this was something that he really needed to do.


Before Caitlin had even arrived at the Tribeca Grand, Michael had taken the liberty of finding out some information on the Recorder they were supposed to meet for help, as well as his place of business. This contact was the key to him possibly no longer running for his life and with Djer working at this very moment to find them; he just didn’t have the patience to wait and setup a meeting. He was going now whether Caitlin would have approved of it or not.


As the glass elevator reached the ground floor, he was very cautious to make sure that Caitlin didn’t see him. She was standing at the hotel bar with her back to him waiting for an ordered drink after which he was sure she would be making her phone call. He grinned knowing her focus was elsewhere and so she would be much less likely to notice him leave. He kept to the shadows the best he could, just in case, as he crossed the small entrance hall and out the front doors. As he made his way down the street he knew Caitlin would have a come apart when she found he wasn’t still in the room and she would come looking for him. However, this thought only made him more determined to get what needed to be done, done and over with, with the hope that everything would be alright after that.


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