“Go Now! I’ll meet you there Michael. I swear!” She yelled at him before shoving him around the street corner toward his motorcycle she had gotten him a few years ago for his birthday. She watched him start up the bike with ease as the engine turned over and came to life under him. She found the purr of the engine comforting because to her, it meant Michael’s safety from the slavery and death that chased them. She hugged him quickly and sent him on his way. She watched him turn the corner toward US-101 south from where he would hit the Interstate all the way to the east coast. She would meet up with him at the Tribeca Grand in New York City in three days. As soon as Michael was out of her sight she sensed the immortal that had been hunting them for the past twenty years and she knew it was time to face her fear.


“Hello, Djer.” As she spoke her voice remained soft, steady and calm, unlike her heart which raced inside of her chest that felt almost as fast as the beating of a humming bird’s wings. After keeping Michael out of Djer’s reach for so long, she truly wasn’t sure if he would let her live or not. Her fate rested in the hands of a man that had helped raise her as a young child over two thousand years ago and this was the moment of truth…


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