Chapter 2: Old Friends


Immediately after leaving Michael, Caitlin had gone downstairs to make one of the most important calls she’d ever make. She hated fighting with Michael and thought about going back up to the room to talk it over with him. However, she knew she couldn’t, not yet… She needed to call Jacob Dawson first, before she could take the time to reconcile things with Michael. It was important they find an immortal known to be a member of the White Knights that had been going by the name Kyle Morris. He had been known as Zeno in ancient Greece and like her, he had seen kingdoms and empires rise and fall over the millennia of his life. Now he was the only one who could help protect her and Michael from the immortal that had been hunting Michael nearly all his life and her for centuries.


As she rode the elevator down to the first floor she pulled a hair tie from her wrist and began to pull back her long light brown hair. She had been approached many times over the years by people wondering if she would like to work as a model do to her small, thin build and beautiful oval face. She answer was always the same however, that she had not interested in something that would not be able to keep her mentally challenged and entertained. She took off the brown leather gloves she still wore and held them in one hand as she straitened her white satin blouse and dusted off her black slacks adjusting the hem to lay flat over top of her black leather boots. She gave a slight sigh and closed her bright blue eyes for a moment as the elevator signaled its arrival at the lower level and the doors opened.


The stress of the whole situation that surrounded her and Michael was really getting to her, so as she descended the three stairs to the tile floor of the seating area in the lobby, she headed straight across and up the other side to the hotel bar. She ordered a Long Island Ice Tea knowing it was probably a stronger drink than what she should be having this time of day but at the moment she felt like she needed it. Seeing it was just after five the bar was practically empty and the bartender had her drink in front of her within moments. She paid with cash and left a three dollar tip before she headed back to the seating area she had crossed before and took a seat facing the bar. Once she was settled she pulled out her cell and dialed Jacob’s number at his bar downtown. As soon as she heard Jacob’s voice on the other end of the line, she was immediately comforted, knowing that soon Michael would have the protection that she could no longer provide for him.




Jacob always arrived at his bar a little bit before he ever actually needed to be there, seeing as his bartender usually took care of getting everything ready for the night. However, tonight wasn’t like his normal nights where he would just relax in his office before all of the customers arrived. He had been adjusting the wrists of his blue button down dress shirt when his phone had rung the first time and he had nearly spilled coffee all over his black slacks and loafers as he rushed to answer it. That call set events for the rest of the night and he had almost wished he hadn’t answered it at all.


When the phone rang a second time, he closed his hazel eyes for a second before he answered it running his fingers through his short, spikey blonde hair, already knowing who would be on the other end of the line. He answered in his normal business tone but soon switched over to his much friendlier voice as he heard her response to him. Caitlin had been a friend of his for years and after not hearing from her the past few decades, it was good to hear her gentle voice. However, for the first time ever in their centuries long friendship he was going to lie to her and he just hoped that when she found out, she would be able to forgive him.


“Caitlin, it’s wonderful to hear from you. What’s it been, four decades or so?”


“Oh Jacob… A little over three, but who’s keeping track?” Her voice was soft and gentle as she spoke, just like he remembered. He knew why she was calling and how he should answer, but he had already agreed to keep certain things from her, at least until final agreement talks were complete, which meant that his answers to her soon to come questions would become irrelevant but the lies were necessary, for now.


“Well, no matter how long or short it has been, Caitlin, it is always a pleasure. If you’re in town, you should stop by so we can catch up.”


“I would love to Jacob, but I’m afraid this isn’t a social call. I need your help finding someone.”


“Of course you do…” There was a slight hint of sarcasm in his voice as he spoke. The truth was that he and Caitlin hadn’t had a social interaction that didn’t involve business in centuries.


“So what will it be this time my dear, Caitlin, Martinis over new identities or shots while in search of targets?” He kept his voice playful and light as he paired subjects of business talks with drinks that seemed to fit them. He thought it was quite clever and from the laughter he heard on the other end of the line, it appeared Caitlin found it clever also.


“Not this time dear Jacob. More like Long Islands while locating an ally.” Jacob couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped his lips as she used her own little pairing reference.


“Alright, Long Islands and an ally it is. Meet me here in an hour and we can get right on that, Dear. It really is good to her from you.”


“Thank you, Jacob. I really appreciate this. See you in an hour.” As they bid their fair wells and he hung up the phone, Jacob couldn’t help the guilt of omitting information from Caitlin. As he gave a little sigh, he turned in his seat, his hazel eyes meeting the bright blue eyes of the other man in the office with him. The young man wore black jeans, black Nike sneakers, a white button down shirt and black leather jacket with black leather motorcycle gloves, of which he was sure, was because the man had arrived at the bar on a motorcycle.


“So tell me… How can I be of assistance, Michael?”


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