Chapter 3: Risks

Ch 3 Whiskey

               Michael had arrived at Jacob Dawson’s bar not long after leaving Caitlin at the Tribeca Grand. He took a risk approaching Jacob for help by himself but he was certain it was one he needed to take. He was also taking a big risk in getting Jacob’s help without Caitlin knowing. He was sure that she wasn’t going to react to it very well but again it was a risk he was going to have to take.

            “Well Jacob, seeing you ask, I need your help protecting Caitlin but it means doing something that she wouldn’t agree with and there’s no telling how she’ll react.”

            “I see… Well, I’ll get us a couple drinks while you fill me in on what it is you need me to do.” As Jacob left the office, Michael recalled the phone conversation he had just witnessed. Caitlin had told him that she knew Jacob but she had never elaborated on that, so he had assumed they were just acquaintances with a run-in or two in the past. However, after watching Jacob through their phone call and seeing the other man’s face when he had lied to her, Michael had concluded they were much closer than he originally had thought. This new realization made what he was going to ask of Jacob that much harder, but he was certain it had to be done. With this thought he looked out the window of the second story office, overlooking the entire bar and watched as the bartender handed Jacob a full bottle of whiskey and a pair of glasses. Seeing this, Michael began to wonder if Jacob knew exactly what was going to be asked of him and figured that both men would need the strong alcohol before and after the task was done. As Jacob began to head back up to the office, Michael turned his attention to the display case behind the desk that took up the entire wall and was filled with all kinds of weapons from different eras of time. Michael had been told by Jacob that the weapons were all from past lifetimes of immortals that included himself, his friends, and also a few from enemies he had made before becoming a recorder.

            “So Michael, what’s this factor you need to ask of me that Caitlin wouldn’t approve of?” The question snapped Michael out of his thoughts and pulled him back on course as he heard Jacob close the office door and start across the room. Suddenly the thought that maybe he should just ask Jacob to direct him to someone else to do what needed to be done, but then again Caitlin had made it seem like there really weren’t many immortals that could be trusted. He watched Jacob sit down behind the desk and fill the glasses before holding one out over the desk. Michael took the glass staring at it for a while before he decided to speak and finally found his voice.

            “I need you to kill me…” Michael’s eyes never left the glass as he spoke and only shifted up to the ceiling when he put the glass to his lips and drank ever drop of liquid in it. The alcohols stung as it slid down his throat, warming him as it did, though his heart still had a sting of coldness. As he put the empty glass down on the desk his eyes finally rose to Jacob and he noted the other man hadn’t touched his glass and his eyes were resting on the phone on the desk in front of him. He watched Jacob for any movement and listened for any kind of an answer, not fully expecting one of agreement.


            Jacob’s eyes stayed on his phone as he thought about what had just been said. He could see Michael out of the corner of his eyes and found it fitting the young man appeared to be so nervous after what he had just asked. Jacob was pleased to see Michael wasn’t taking this lightly because neither was he. The only real thought of concern that passed through his mind was that if he did as Michael asked, he might very well endanger his friendship with Caitlin. He needed to know more before he could decide what to do and so he shifted in his chair, took a sip of his drink and looked Michael directly in the eyes before speaking.

            “So explain to me, Michael, why you need me to kill you… And why do you think in doing so we would be protecting Caitlin?”


Michael froze as the question rolled off of Jacob’s tongue and into his own ears. What Jacob asked he knew he had to answer but it also meant he would have to retell his own history to Jacob. The only one that knew everything he had been though was Caitlin and he wasn’t sure he trusted Jacob quite that much. However, he was certain that this was the only way to keep Caitlin safe after all the years she had protected him.

            “It’s a long story…” He somewhat hoped that maybe this response would make Jacob change his mind about needing answers. However, the response he got from Jacob in return didn’t really surprise him either.

            “We have time…”


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