Chapter 4: Revisiting The Past

Ch 4 Steps

            Michael had never been a normal child, even as an infant. He had been found in an alleyway near a Catholic orphanage, but it also meant that no one knew who his parents were or if they were even alive. He wasn’t at the orphanage long and soon was living with a foster family. Even though there was quite a few times that couple’s showed interest in adopting him, something always seemed to happen to prevent it. Instead, he ended up staying with his foster family with siblings to play with and parents to care for him. That is until he had the vision of his foster mother’s accident and his hysterical reaction after they all found out she was dead.

            After he was removed from the home he had known for the past five years ‘for the safety of the other children in the home’, he was returned to the orphanage to be cared for by the sisters there until they could be sure that he would be safe around other kids in a home situation again. He spent the next few weeks in the orphanage keeping him separated from the other kids there and only speaking to tell the nuns how much he missed his family and that he wanted to go home. The nuns spoke with his case worker, who said the final decision would be left to his foster father. Sadly, the request to return Michael home was denied and he would spend the next two years in the care of the orphanage, only growing worse in his condition day by day.

            The nuns watched as Michael slipped further and further away, until he nearly completely quit talking to everyone by the time he was seven. Nothing the nuns tried seemed to help the young boy in anyway as he secluded himself from everyone more and more. As time went by the sisters began to fear the boy would never fully recover, if he ever recovered at all, but they were wrong as they soon discovered.

            It was recess time when she came outside and sat down on the steps next to him. It was something about her bright, baby blue eyes that matched his and told him that she could be trusted and she would understand him in a way that no one else ever had. She sat with him in silence nearly all recess and, though he glanced at her once in a while, he never saw her look over at him. Finally he asked her why she wasn’t out on the playground with the sisters and other volunteers talking and watching the other kids. He was surprised when she told him that he looked like he needed a friend to sit with him and they once again returned to silence.

            They spent many more recesses sitting together on the steps before he finally told her of his vision of his foster mother and later many other things he had seen but not told anyone. Each time he confided a vision to his new friend, Caitlin, she would confide a vision to him. They exchanged tales of their visions for a few months before he saw a vision of Caitlin that would change their lives forever and put them on the run for their own survival.


            “So, after I saw the vision of Djer killing Caitlin and taking me, she convinced the sisters I was in great danger that only she could protect me from. That same day she became my legal guardian and we have been on the run together ever sense. She’s determined to keep me mortal and I’m determined to protect her life now, like she has protected me all of my life.” Michael paused keeping his eyes on the Recorder Jacob. Being an immortal that helped keep records on all other immortals around the world Jacob had to understand making sacrifices for friends. Michael wasn’t completely sure how long Jacob’s lifespan had been so far but he was sure that the man was experienced in life and wondered what kind of sacrifices that he may have had to make over the years, or worse, centuries. His thoughts continued as they sat in silence for a few momenta until Michael decided he needed an answer sooner than later.

            “So what will it be, Jacob? Will you help me or not?”


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