Chapter 5: Unknown Allies


Kyle rushed into the apartment covered in sweat and out of breath. The cut above his right eye and the split in his lower lip had stopped bleeding but the wounds were still bright red and remnants of the blood he had lost was still streaked across his face and hands.

            “Miera!” The call resonated through the apartment as he headed for his room to grab his ‘run bag’ and a towel to wash off with. He heard Miera’s bedroom door open and called to her to get her own bag because it was time to leave. As he stopped in the bathroom to clean up, he glanced in the mirror noting his short, dark brown hair was matted in sweat and his lightly tanned skin was dis-colored with blood and dust.

He ran water over the towel and washed himself up before changing into a clean shirt and heading back out to the living room to meet up with Miera.

            “Kyle, what happened?” Miera’s voice was full of concern and as Kyle’s eyes met her eyes, he could see the fear she felt. He gave her a small smile as he crossed the room to her and placed his hand on her shoulder for reassurance.

“It’s alright… Carver knows we’re in the city but if we leave now, we’ll get a head start on him.” His voice was calm but stern, and he still couldn’t hide the urgency in his eyes, no matter how he tried. He had been protecting her for the past sixty years and they had been on the run from Carver for the past thirty. Protecting the young immortal had become his only concern and all of his focus was put on her. For a moment, silence fell over the apartment before being cut off by the intense ring of his cell phone.

Kyle pulled his phone from his pocket as he threw his bag over his shoulder and grabbed Miera by the hand, placing the phone to his ear. He started across the apartment headed for the door, though Miera stopped him a couple of times to grab a few small things as they passed.

“This really isn’t the best time, Jacob.”


Back in New York, Jacob couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face as he heard Kyle’s remark. It was no mistake that Jacob had called Kyle right now instead of waiting until the old immortal and his charge were back in the states.

“I know, Kyle, and I know you were planning on going to Miami. However, your flight’s been changed to go to New York. I need you here.” Jacob knew that what he was going to be asking of Kyle was something completely abnormal and possibly dangerous but it couldn’t be avoided.

“And I need you here, tonight…”


Kyle hung up the phone and glanced at Miera before pulling her out of the apartment and down the stairs. They rushed across the street to the parking garage and up to the third level where they had two motorcycles and a Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.

“Kyle… Aren’t you going to tell me what the plan is?” He could hear that her voice had grown sterner as her fear began to ease and she was not going to just let it slide that he wasn’t telling her anything.

“Soon, Miera…” He wanted to tell her where they were headed and who had requested them. However, it wasn’t safe out here in the open as they traveled through the parking garage over to their Nissan.

“For now, get into the car and I swear, I will explain everything I can as soon as I’ve got you safely out of here.” He kept his voice calm knowing that getting irritable with her wouldn’t help the situation any. Truth be told, she also would probably get into a fight with him right then and there if she thought he was trying to push her around.

As they approached Kyle’s Nissan Skyline, Miera slid her bag across the trunk to Kyle of whom caught it with one hand and tossed it on the backseat next to his own bag before closing the backdoor tightly. Kyle watched as Miera climbed into the car and wondered if she would ever be able to stop running. Then he too climbed into the car and quickly started the engine instantly backing out of their parking space.

Suddenly a black Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R pulled up to Miera’s window and in that same short instant Kyle pulled the 9mm pistol from under his seat painting it directly at the man on the bike. Miera’s eyes darted to the bike rider instantly, terrified that it was Carver but instead of letting out the scream she had expected, she grabbed Kyle’s arm and everyone froze. Miera suddenly felt sadness, anger, happiness and confusion all at once. The twenty-five year old looking dirty blonde’s face was the last face that she ever pictured seeing here and now.

“We don’t have time for this…” Kyle dropped the pistol in Miera’s lap and cracked her window open.

“Fall in!” As the window closed again, Kyle threw the car into gear and took off out of the garage with the motorcycle following directly behind them. Within seconds Kyle was on the phone and quickly flew through three conversations before finally hanging up. He glanced over at Miera seeing a slight look of approval for him getting their new “tag-along” transportation to New York with them. He was glad she approved but the only thought he had was that this was going to be a long trip that he would likely spend trying to figure out why their “tag-along” was even around.

Miera had vaguely heard Kyle’s phone conversation and was glad he felt comfortable bringing along the other immortal behind them, to New York. She hadn’t seen their “tag-along” for almost twenty years, so she couldn’t help wondering what had brought him to her this time. Paired with him, she felt like they were magnets. On one hand, they clashed violently and pushed each other away. On the other hand, there was an unexplained attraction between them that made no sense and at times would put one or both of them in harm’s way. As the car left the city, south bound to the nearest large airport that they would all get lost in, she wondered which hand they would land on this time and what their adventure might hold for them that they had yet to discover.


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